Unseen and unheard for over 40 years. If you are like most people you take great care to maintain the appearance and condition of your building. Your building has probably had most every other component replaced by now roofs, doors, windows, water piping, faucets, etc. But most people don’t concern themselves with the sewer unless it’s backed up.

Sewer laterals are often made of clay pipe and are damaged by ground movement and tree roots. These damaged lines often cause buildings to back-up, creating unhealthful situations, inconvenience, and wasted money, in addition to polluting our environment.

The EPA tells us that damaged home sewer laterals cause about 70% to 80% of sewer spills. That is why they have initiated a water cleanup campaign targeting the year 2015 for building sewer laterals to be replaced.

If your sewer is damaged, we can offer you an affordable option. Until now, replacing a sewer line meant digging up trees, lawns, driveways, patios, even living room floors and costing thousands of dollars…not anymore!

Hydroman Rooter offers trenchless pipe replacement. Underground piping with two small excavations made at the beginning and end of the piping. When we replace your sewer, you may not even detect that the job has been done because there is no trench needed.

Your property sewer replacement doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. It can be done in half the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Hydroman Rooter independently owns and operates the trenchless pipe replacement units so you deal direct, no second or third party subcontractor, thus eliminating costly mark ups.

If the sewer problem is in the public right of way or in the street, no problem, we are C-42 licensed and insured. Other services include hydro jets, line locating, leak detection, water line installation, General plumbing.